Research Projects

  1. Collaborative Research projects: INDO-US project `Physics at the current and future colliders’, with Univ. of Hawaii
  2. Indo-French Project `Collider Physics’, with a C.N.R.S. Laboratory for High Energy Physics: LAPP(Annecy).
  3. Indo-French Project ‘Supersymmetry, Higgs Bosons and CP violation: Implications for High Energy Colliders and Astrophysics’, with Univ. of Montpellier and C.N.R.S Laboratory LAPP (Annecy).
  4. Virtual Centre for Beyond Standard Model Physics, a project supported by the INDO US STF. Collaborating Universities: Indian Institute of Science, Physical Research Laboratory, Harish Chandra Research Institute from the Indian side and Univ. of Hawaii.
  5. Joint project on ‘Topics in Top and Higgs Physics’, with F. Maltoni, Univ. of Louvain, Belgium.
  6. Co director of the ‘International Associated Laboratory’ , (LIA), between India and France, with F. Boudjema of LAPTH- Annecy, France, 2016-2019.