In the INSPIRE-HEP data base she has 306 papers out of which 265 are citable (published or ArXive preprints/e resources) and 145 out of them are published only. Out of these 145, 2 have citations more than 500, 4 have citations more than 250 and 7 are cited more than 100 times. The average citation for these 145 is 47.2 and goes to 41.1 after excluding self cites. The H-index is 42 and becomes 36 after removing the self cites. The INSPIRE data base counts citations of a publication when it is still an arXiv preprint and also citations in ArXiv Preprints as well as internal experimental documents. The latter are refereed but not published in journals. From the Web of Science which only counts Citations of journal publications in journal publications the ‘H’ index is 34 instead of 36 above. Just as comparison, in INSPIRE-HEP data base the citations for the top paper in Phys. Rept. 426 (2006) 47 are 527 to be compared with the ones in Web of Science the number is 272. The top cited paper in Web of Science is Physics Reports, 299 (1998) and has 304 citations whereas in INSPIRE-HEP it has 497 citations. She has published a text book on ‘Phenomenology of supersummetric particles’ for Ph.D. students and researchers in area of High Energy Physics in January 2005. The book is already in its second edition, both paper back and hard cover. It was selected by the World Scienti c Publishers as one of their signi cant titles in High Energy Physics in a poster they bought out for display at CERN to celebrate the 25 th Anniversary of World Scienti c. She is also writing a book on the Standard Model to be published by Cambridge University Press.

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